Mummy Photogrammetry

This week I was fortunate to welcome Lee and Pip from Monument Men to Manchester to conduct our first ever animal mummy photogrammetry session! We were taking advantage of a brief respite between the exhibition closing at Wigan before it moves on to Lyme Park in just a few weeks.

Working with the conservation team at Manchester Museum, we were able to scan five of the mummies, including a wooden coffin containing a cat mummy, a tiny mummified shrew and a decorative falcon mummy with a gilded face. The day went really smoothly, with Lee’s equipment set-up working well for the small mummies. Two specimens which we had hoped to study proved to be slightly too large to image safely inside the light box, so we plan to scan those ‘freestyle’ in a second session next week.

We hope to be able to overlay the photogrammetry scans on top of the clinical CT scan data to enabled virtual fly-throughs of the mummies.

Whilst we wait for the results of the day’s activities, here are a few first impression images to whet your appetite!


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