Eight weeks until Gifts for the Gods opens at Manchester!

This has been my first week back after my summer holiday and it’s been quite a week! On Tuesday we had a visit from our designer, Andrew Gibbs, where lots of elements of the design, colour scheme and object layout were approved. The panel text and object labels are just about complete now, having been sent around to all our partners for their comments. The fantastic workshop team have been making headway on the extensive list of cases, plinths and structural supports that we need to bring Andrew’s designs to reality. It seems that wherever you turn in the Museum at the moment, there’s something for Gifts for the Gods!

IMG_6772     IMG_6773      IMG_6782

Our museum registrar, Jamilla, has been extremely busy corresponding with all of the lenders to finalise arrangements for collection – in fact, quite a menagerie of animal mummies has already arrived at the museum! A few of our visitors require a little bit of TLC before they can go on public display, especially because they will be need to be stable for travel between the three venues and look their best at all times in-between!

IMG_6791         IMG_6793

On Wednesday we met with our graphic designer who is busy working on the design for our posters, leaflets and invitations featuring some of the key objects from the exhibition. We are even going to have pennants on the lamp posts along Oxford Road so there really is no excuse for not knowing about the show! 

On Wednesday afternoon we met with Neil who has been employed to design our education resource pack which will be offered to schools and families visiting the exhibition. This is an important element of the show as it enables our younger visitors to engage further with the topic of votive animal mummies and will act as a means through which school groups and families of all ages can learn together. Designing this resource to satisfy all three venues and their visitors is no mean feat, but Neil has come up with some brilliant initial ideas and we can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

Thursday afternoon was spent either at the Museum assigning panel text to specific locations on the design, or, in my case, at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital downloading the last batch of scan data from the server. This task never seems to run as smoothly as I hope, but I got there in the end and was rewarded with some lovely images!

IMG_6803       IMG_6804

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