Manchester Museum’s Animal Mummies in Micro

Today, five of Manchester Museum’s animal mummies got the ‘micro-CT treatment’ – the first application of the technique to mummified remains in the collection. In the thirty-five years since the initial radiographs were taken of the mummies, radiological capabilities have increased enormously, along with our ability to investigate the contents of wrapped mummy bundles in a non-invasive manner. The five mummies studied today were chosen because recent clinical CT investigation had revealed results worthy of further, more detailed, examination, made possible through this technology. The mummies were accompanied on their journey to the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility, part of the University of Manchester’s Material Science Department, by Dr Campbell Price, Curator of Ancient Egypt and the Sudan. Ably supervised by KNH colleague Tom O’Mahoney, the scanning process revealed clearer details about the bundle contents than have ever been seen before. We look forward to sharing the results of the investigation once the lengthy process of image manipulation has been completed and we hope that the micro-CT data will add a further element to the exhibition!












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