New museums, ‘new’ mummies and new opportunities

Well, what a week! I know I seem to say that a lot at the moment, but it really is true! Life in research is always challenging as the ‘to do’ list is endless and as one project finishes, another one grows from it. Times are busy at the moment with the exhibition planning in full swing, the first chapters of the book written (in some form at least!) and museum visits taking place at an alarming rate!

Following on from our successful visit to the Marischal collection in Aberdeen last week, yesterday we were able to access the mummies at Birmingham Museum and add them to the Bio Bank database. It was really good to visit a museum where so many of their human and animal mummies are displayed to the public. Also, efforts had been made to learn about the mummies over the past few years, including archival research, a comprehensive photography record, radiography and excellent conservation work. We hope that some of these lovely examples will be able to join the touring exhibition next year! Steph and I were only sorry that we didn’t get chance to visit the Staffordshire Hoard exhibition whilst we were there!


On Wednesday, Steph and I were invited to the Archaeological Science Department at the University of Bradford to discuss a recent collaborative partnership with PhD student Rhea Brettell. Preliminary results have been very positive ad we hope to publish this work very soon. We are always thinking about the next opportunity for a funding application and we are very excited and confident that this pilot study is leading us in the right direction with the future aims of the project.

Whilst at Bradford, we had been invited to give a lunchtime seminar to the department about our work at Manchester. Lunchtime seminars can be a bit hit and miss when people are hungry and just want to be somewhere other than a lecture theatre, so we were thrilled to have over 50 staff and students present. The presentation went very well and we had some very positive feedback and comments about the work we have done and where this might take us in the future. We are very excited to be able to work so closely with Bradford and look forward to this being the start of a great collaborative partnership.

Today, Steph and I are working hard on the preparations for tomorrow’s day school at the Manchester Museum. If anyone would like to come along and learn more about animals in ancient Egypt and how they were treated, please go online and book a place!


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