Wow, what a week!

As the old saying goes, there’s no rest for the wicked, and we can certainly testify to that at the moment! We have just returned from the Current Research in Egyptology XV conference which was co-hosted by University College London and King’s College London. We presented two papers; one on the decorative techniques applied to mammalian mummies using radiography and macroscopy, and one on the study of crocodilian mummies recovered from the site of Hawara by Petrie. Despite the usual nerves, everything seemed to go to plan!

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Now we are back in the office, we have hit the ground running! The usual never-ending list of emails and requests continues, but this week we have also arranged four research visits to museum partners and collaborators. The next month is certainly going to be a busy one!

Today, we signed a publishing contract for the book to accompany our exhibition. We cannot wait to get started on writing it and have enlisted the assistance of a number of specialists to contribute sections relevant to their interests. We are really thankful to Liverpool University Press for signing us up and we look forward to having the book on the shelves by Summer 2015!


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