Exhibition planning takes another step!

As part of our grant from the Leverhulme Trust, we plan to host an exhibition at the Manchester Museum which we hope will tour to the World Museum, Liverpool, and another venue in the UK. The exhibition will focus on the role of votive animal mummies from ancient Egypt and how they ended up in museum collections around the UK.

Today, the Bio Bank team visited the World Museum to discuss exhibition plans with the curator, Dr. Ashley Cooke. We had a productive planning session discussing potential sub-themes and a speculative object list. Dr. Cooke was able to show us some of the original documentation which accompanied the consignment of cat mummies from Beni Hasan which arrived at the docks in Liverpool on the 10th February 1890 weighing in at an incredible 19 tonnes! 

photo 1


photo 2

We were able to visit the museum stores and take a look at the amazing Egyptian collection, including some of the cats that arrived in this shipment. The collection has some lovely mummified animals and we look forward to working more closely with Dr. Cooke and his team to put some mummies on display for the public to see.

photo 3We look forward to working on the exhibition which will allow everyone to see just how exciting these mummies and their stories are. Watch this space for further details.

photo 4

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