When in Rome…..

The Bio Bank team have recently returned from a few days in Rome attending the First Vatican Coffin Conference. Held in the Vatican Museums, the conference was organised in response to a collaborative project between the Italian team, the Louvre and Leiden, to study coffins dating from the Third Intermediate Period.

We presented two posters at the conference – one on the Chester Coffin which is part of the Bio Bank data set and another on the coffin of Ta-ath from the Manchester Museum collection. Both posters were well-received and stimulated some interesting discussion. We also took along many images of the Perth Mummy which we scanned recently in Manchester to attempt to provide a date to the coffin. Further details on this will be released soon!

Now we are back in rainy Manchester we have a very long ‘to do’ list in preparation for our trip to Brazil which is now just four weeks away! We have a total of four presentations to organise and two posters – no mean feat! With that in mind, we’d best get back to it!

Toasting a truly amazing conference venue

Toasting a truly amazing conference venue


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