Big Day for the Bio Bank

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for the Bio Bank as we investigate the first completely-unstudied human mummy to have been located through our research. The mummy will travel down to Manchester tomorrow from Scotland to be radiographed at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital by the Bio Bank team, along with colleagues from the Manchester Museum. Being able to see inside a mummy bundle for the first time since it was wrapped is incredibly exciting and we feel very privilaged. The vast majority of mummies in UK collections have received some form of investigation whether it be epigraphic or scientific – to our knowledge, and that of the museum curator, this mummy has been untouched and has lain in the museum stores since its acquisition.

Our investigation will include analysis of the hieroglyphs on the coffin, a non-invasive look at the contents of the mummy bundle, and, if possible, small samples will be acquired from damaged areas for further scientific analysis. Meanwhile, we hope to be able to gain an insight into the state of preservation of the mummy  and the coffin and offer advice to the museum on how they might be conserved, stored, displayed and protected for the future.

Further details on our research and the events of the day will be available soon!


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