Using computer wizardry at the NHM

The bio bank team had a fantastic day at the Natural History Museum last Thursday. We were shown around the CT facility and given a tutorial in image processing. Hopefully once we get our heads around the software, we will be able to make the most of the reams of CT data we have for the animal mummies!

Meanwhile, the two posters we are presenting at the First Vatican Coffin Conference are coming along nicely. “Coffins?” I hear you ask. Yes, coffins. One poster is concerned with the Chester Coffin which, although anthropoid in shape, was found to contain feline remains and not the anticipated human child. The second poster will feature the coffin 10881 from the Manchester Museum which contains a human mummy. The team are excited to be working on some ‘different’ material combining our principal research tool, radiography, and have been able to use the technology shown to us by Charlotte Brassey (Manchester) and the staff at the NHM CT facility to really make the most of our data.

Plans are coming together for the team’s first ever radiographic study of a human mummy. This research is being funded by a Faculty of Life Sciences Career Development Award and will take place on Thursday 6th June! We are very excited and cannot wait to share more details on this project with you all soon.


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