Welcome to our new blog!

It’s been nearly three years since the Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank project was established and, rather shamefully, this is our first ever blog post. We fully intend to make up for lost time!

The project continues to go from strength to strength with over 600 mummies now in the database and many more waiting to be added over the coming months. Having set out to catalogue as many mummies as possible and bring to the attention of the academic world the importance of studying this material, we feel like we have made real headway into achieving our objectives.

In November, we conducted our first ever experimental mummification of a sparrowhawk in an attempt to mimic ancient techniques that we have witnessed through radiographic analysis. We are pleased to report that the mummy continues to be in a stable condition and we look forward to presenting our results at the UK Archaeological Science conference in Cardiff in April.

Please keep watching this blog for updates on the project and new research being carried out. Please contact the team by email to discuss any aspect of the project or the subject of animal mummification in greater detail.


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